Pandora App History

Pandora App History 1

PANDORA APP is one of the finest creations of Music Gerome project.  This app offers services related to streamlining the music and recommending music services automatically to the music lovers. This service powered by Pandora Media Inc. is available in the US, Australia and the New Zealand. The user selects a genre or the artists and the app will play the music accordingly. Then after listening to the music, the user can give feedback depending upon his experience.

PANDORA App and its Origin

Pandora Media Inc. was founded by Will Glaser, Jon Kraft, and Tim Westergren started as Savage Beast Technologies in 2000. Then Glaser developed Music Gerome project Technology and its Musical inputs were given by Westergren. Their main idea was to create a new and a different radio station for music lovers. Initially, the company focused on more on quality and the selection of the user. These two highly proficient Glaser and Westergren created almost 400 different songs specializing in one or the other field. The user first selection is analyzed and compared in order to suggest better songs according to his or her previous selection.

History of this App

Initially, the company had a license to transitional strategic technology to offer services to third parties like AOL, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and Tower Records. Then the company worked harder to reach profitability under the same model but failed to succeed.

By 2004, this company came back to its original position of creating their customized radio stations and changed the name of the company to Pandora Media. Then they purchased the domain name of and officially launched it in the month of September and year 2005. That time, this domain name was listed for $15,000 but the actual price is still not known. This website started offering paid service but quickly turned its advertising service to make the service available to people for free.

This Pandora app then launched its IPO in 2011 and listed it on the NYSE as ‘P’.

Pandora app then announced in April 2013 that its radio streaming service had reached 200 million users, and about a 70 million from them are monthly active users.

Pandora initially, offered 40-hour free service in the first month but it removed this limitation in September 2013. iTunes became the biggest threat to this app in December 2013.

By January 2015, this app received 50 million thumbs up from active users.

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