Pandora Radio App Features

Pandora Radio App Features 1

Pandora Radio App or Pandora Internet Radio App or Pandora App is one and the same thing. This app operated by Pandora Media, Inc. powered by the Music Genome Project is available only for the Australia, New Zealand, and the US residents. This app allows the user to select a specific genre and an artist to play the music of his or her choice.

After listening to the songs, the user is requested to leave the positive or the negative feedback for the songs chosen by him. These reviews are taken into consideration while selecting the future songs for this app.

Salient features of this Mobile Aplication

  • The user is free to select any specific artist or a song, or sometimes he is free to select a combination of several items of different kinds in a single station.
  • The user can customize his station and select songs he or she likes to listen to that particular station.
  • Each song is reviewed by favorable and unfavorable buttons denoted by the thumbs up and down to check if the song quality and the song itself was liked by the Listener or not and if that particular song should be played in future or not.
  • In the case, the listener gives a negative response to any of the artist or the song for the second consecutive time, then that artist may be banned in such cases provided that artist has been marked by positive response on any other occasion or in the case of the artist being listed under the variety of stations.
  • Musical attributes or the albums do not have any option for the responses from the listeners end.
  • In the case, the listener is skipping the songs too many times, then that skips will be banned for quite a sometime.
  • This app also supports ads that pop up in between while the user is playing the app for free.
  • The proper menu option allows the user to manage his or her songs list. He or she is free to remove any song on a temporary basis provided that song removal will be counted as a skip.
  • This app contains a Buy Button on the top of every song that is played through the app that allows the user to buy any song from iTunes or Amazon.

Hope these features will give you a basic idea about this app and will help you to understand its functionality in a better way.

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